Borodist: Mustache wax, beard oil and balm.

Borodist: Mustache wax, beard oil and balm.

With the last review of Trius waxes, we began a series of articles about domestic brands of mustache and beard care products. And today we will continue it with a story about perhaps the most famous Russian brand “Borodist”, which appeared on the market in 2013.

We had a chance to test wax, which was produced both according to the old recipes and the new, so that we can evaluate the quality indicators taking into account the changes. So, for example, earlier in the composition there was palm wax, which was replaced by the harder carnauba wax, and a little later candelilla wax was added. It should be noted right away that Borodist has recently also produced a premium line of products for a mustache and beard, which we will discuss in a separate article.

And in this we will talk about the usual wax, with which it all began.

Before the wax hits your mustache, you become familiar with packaging, appearance, label designs, and other external attributes. Let’s talk about them first. To date, Borodist is the only domestic manufacturer who packs its wax in high-quality branded craft boxes.

It is worth noting that with all the variety of wax manufacturers, only a few people in the world use this kind of packaging, and “Borodist” is among them. Each box contains instructions for using the product, which is very important and convenient.

The jars themselves are of a standard size, made of dense aluminum and it will be quite difficult to damage them somehow. The lids are not screwed, but they fit tightly, so you can put wax in your backpack and not be afraid that it will suddenly open itself. The labels are very solid, abrasion-resistant, and most importantly, they contain all the necessary information: name, type of aroma and degree of fixation, composition, expiration date, address for claims, date of manufacture and even batch number.

It is worth noting that Borodist is one of the few domestic wax manufacturers, which recently has a declaration of conformity of products to the requirements of TR CU 009/2011 “On the safety of perfumery and cosmetic products”, which is also indicated on the label. The print quality of the labels themselves has improved significantly over these two years.

The line of aromas is represented by the following variations: natural, coffee, cola, almond, apple, bergamot and gum. But this was not always the case – in August 2014 Borodist announced the launch of three new fragrances – apple, almond and coffee, and at the same time a controversial decision was made to abandon the natural and bergamot fragrances, which led to some indignation with side of lovers of these fragrances. Both fragrances returned shortly thereafter.

Wax variants produced before the end of 2014.

The aromas “apple”, “bergamot” and “natural” are light and unobtrusive, while “cola”, “coffee”, “almond” and “gum” are more intense. At the same time, we personally liked the aroma of bubblegum, familiar from childhood, in previous versions of wax, the current version seems to have third-party impurities and at the time of application it “hits the nose” a little. After rubbing on the mustache, all fragrances become relatively smooth and soft. I liked the light aromas most of all – “natural” and “bergamot”.

It should be noted that “natural” still has a fragrance, but more neutral compared to the rest of the series.

By the way, over time, not only the aromas have changed, but also the colors. Perhaps the most striking example of this was the aforementioned “bubblegum” – from blue-green it migrated to dark beige, eventually becoming orange. Cola has become lighter, coffee is slightly darker, and natural has acquired a yellowish color, becoming lighter in comparison with the previous version.

Until recently, there was no division into the degree of fixation of wax, but literally from the beginning of 2015 there were two of them – “soft” (soft) and “hard” (hard).

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