Bypass in ELTENA UPS.

Bypass in ELTENA UPS.

Introduction. General principle of Bypass organization.

Bypass – A set of technical means and / or the mode of supplying the load with the input mains voltage bypassing the main circuit of the Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS), i.e., bypassing the UPS. Bypass is often called the bypass line itself (circuit) and its accompanying control circuits and switching devices. “Bypass” (literally

Bypass application increases the reliability of uninterruptible power supply systems, and also makes it possible to significantly facilitate the operation, preventive maintenance and repair of the UPS.

The general principle of the Bypass organization: the switching of the input voltage to the UPS output is carried out using the built-in (internal) electronic circuits of the UPS with mandatory control of the voltage transmitted to the UPS output or using external switching devices at the user’s request.

Fig. 1.1 Power supply of the load through the Inverter.

Figure 1.2 Powering the load through the Bypass circuits.

Bypass types and classification.

The main circuit solutions of the Bypass can be classified according to several criteria:

1. By the method of switching:

– Manual Bypass, which is turned on and off using connectors, switches, circuit breakers and other switching equipment.

– Electronic Bypass, which turns on automatically when an event or condition occurs in the UPS, for which the Bypass mode is provided. Thyristors, triacs, and sometimes electronic relays are used as switching elements.

2. By the constructive arrangement of the Bypass circuits:

– Internal Bypass (built-in). Electronic (automatic, built-in, static bypass (STS – Static Transfer Switch)) is present in all ELTENA On-Line UPS models. In addition to the built-in electronic Bypass, some ELTENA UPS models have built-in (internal) Manual Service Bypass switches.

– External Bypass. Structurally, the External Bypass can be executed both in special enclosures (cabinets, separate units, etc.), supplied as optional equipment, and as part of an electrical switchboard.

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