IPad mini 5 review. This is the best tablet of 2019.

IPad mini 5 review. This is the best tablet of 2019.

When Apple showed the new iPad mini, I instantly fell in love with this tablet.

Before you is a rare case when Cupertinos do exactly what is expected of him, without any changes. After 2 weeks, the same “minicom” appeared in my hands.

I have spent a week with him and am ready to share my real impressions. Does it really deserve attention or is it just another trinket? I’ll tell you about everything in order.

With iPad mini, I remembered why I ever bought myself a tablet.

Why do they generally love the iPad?

For tarnungen most people, a tablet is needed precisely for content consumption. And he always coped with this task perfectly: discreet, compact design, convenient operation and a large screen. What else is needed?

It is convenient to watch videos, read, surf the Internet and even work on it. Only now I’m not talking about some colossal display sizes, such as the iPad Pro 12.9.

I’m talking about an ordinary “iPad” that doesn’t have a huge amount of killer features. You just have a gadget with you anytime, anywhere, and you use it all the time.

I still don’t think the iPad can replace the computer. For heavy and capacious tasks, there are Mac and PC. With a tablet, you relax and completely immerse yourself in it.

Actually, that’s why I took an iPad mini with a Retina screen at one time. It was the best portable tablet available.

You can even put it in your jeans pocket or in the inner pocket of your jacket if you like. And at the same time, the device remained powerful, in no way inferior to its large “brothers” in everyday tasks.

Pro-users are a separate caste of people who need a tablet for certain tasks, for work, and not for recreation.

The main task of the “mini” is to bring pleasure to its owner in those moments when the hand is tired of the iPad more.

It hasn’t changed much. Everything familiar is in place.

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