Vitabiotics Pregnacare Plus Tablets 50 6 Tablets

Vitabiotics Pregnacare Plus Tablets, 50 6 Tablets.

These pills are dangerous. They мейд me feel awful . I took them after dinner with lots of water as instructed and about an hour later I had stomach cramps , headache which led to migraine was absolutely debilitating, felt very nauseous and weak.

I then had a break for a while and took them one more time before bed as some people said it’s better to take at night, in the morning I felt like I had a hangover, couldn’t get out of bed or go to work, No energy migraine and cramps and sick. I have now threw them away. I had the “his” ones for my partner and he had lots of headaches too. We are used to more natural organic supplements.

I’m sure these cannot be good for you, the ingredients are not natural. I’ll stick to folic acid and regular natural vitamins from now on- these are a gimmick and not a cheap one.

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From United Kingdom.

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– Gave me peace of mind.

– Contains all vitamins and minerals at levels recommended for pregnancy (folic acid, vitamin D) plus loads more.

– Contains a pregnancy safe form of vitamin A (Betacarotene)

– The added Omega-3 fish oils that are pregnancy safe (No vitamin A) and provided at levels recommended by ISSFAL.

– Blisters had days of the week on.

– Great value for money on Amazon!

– Award winning and supported by The Royal College of Midwives.

* Things I feel could be improved:

– Sizing of the tablets and capsules are pretty big.

– Fishy aftertaste after taking capsule.

I love these vitamins. I took the Pregnacare Original before conception and for the first few months of my pregnancy. I then switched to the Pregnacare Plus in order to get the added Omega-3 oils. The capsules are jam packed with vitamins and minerals which gave me peace of mind that even though I was eating as healthily as possible, my baby and I were covered in terms of our nutrition. Our little one was born a healthy 7lb 14oz in March and I am still taking these now while I am breastfeeding!

I did find that the tablets and capsules were fairly large but are tolerable as long as you drink plenty of water when swallowing. I have read that some women did find that these vitamins did make their nausea worse in early pregnancy, although I did not find that this happened to me personally. I believe that the manufacturer would not be able to reduce the tablet size in anyway due to the sheer amount of vitamins that it is packed with. As previously stated, you can get a fishy taste after taking the Omega-3 capsule, but I found that it can be significantly reduced by taking the capsule at anytime *before* you have finished your meal.

I would recommend these vitamins as they help you to cover all the major bases before, during and after your pregnancy. These are also great for women who find (like I did) that they are suffering from food intolerances and aversions to foods they would have otherwise have eaten (especially fish) to maintain optimum nutrient intake.

I find that these are particularly useful during breastfeeding as I am finding it much harder to eat as healthily as I did during my pregnancy as a new mum with a demanding baby!

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